Comic 156 - 9 - Major John Logan

9th Apr 2019, 10:00 AM in Microraptor
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9 - Major John Logan
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Author Notes:

9th Apr 2019, 10:00 AM
Magnus Ytterbium didn't quite know what to expect when this guy came to Fort Bliss to see him, introduced himself as Major John Logan, and asked him in a friendly but affirmative way to enter his car for "a small trip".
Was this set up by that irascible McCarthyist FBI agent, upset about the fact that Magnus solved the vampire case in his place - and that it didn't even have anything to do with Communists at all?

Major Logan had a rather speedy driving style, rendering the ride on this dirt road also rather bumpy. Furthermore, this soon turned out to be definitely more than just "a small trip".
"What is our destination anyway?", Magnus eventually asked.
"You know, some of my superiors in Intelligence found that quaint trap that you built quite impressive. Or more precisely, the fact that you knew that your bait would work in the first place."
"Uh... OK? And... when are we going back? I have a lot of work to do tomorrow."
"Ha! Oh, you won't be going back!"

After a while, Logan finally said: "Let von Braun and all those other guys play with their little rockets. From now on, you will be working on the really interesting stuff..."


Many thanks to ProfEtheric for lending me this hitherto unseen Autumn Bay character for today's entry!
For John Logan is indeed the father of Frank Logan, and thus the grandfather Paige Logan!