30: Erin

30th Apr 2019, 11:59 PM in Lirvilas
30: Erin
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30th Apr 2019, 11:59 PM
This is Erin.

She is an assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York. She puts bad guys away. Law enforcement personnel who have worked with her for any length of time adore her. Behind her back she is called "The Witch". Yes, she is a practicing Wiccan, but she is also a phenomenal prosecutor, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the most minute federal, state, and municipal laws, regulations, and codes. And with this multidisciplinary insight, she has rescued many a law enforcement operation from failure by using obscure violations (i.e. food service handling, veterinary, fire marshal codes) to nickel and dime major drug dealers and international child traffickers into multi-decade sentences even when much of the original evidence has been thrown out on rules violations. Erin is The Witch and even if you f*cked up she'll find a way to put the bad guys away.

Erin grew up in Washing County, Wisconsin. She once walked five miles in the snow to return a ten dollar bill that wasn't hers. She is rumored to be on the shortlists for Deputy Attorney General for Wisconsin or a US Attorney position in the Midwest, pending a change in administrations. Ellen is thirty seven and has no children or significant other. She once loved a girl in high school, but that girl was corrupted and ultimately murdered by a vicious, evil man--her older brother.

This is Erin Macdonald and she puts the bad guys away.

Hey, it's been fun! Thanks all for participating in 2019's 30 for 30!


1st May 2019, 9:04 AM
Ah, that explains the name Macdonald cropping up in a context that wouldn't make much sense for previously established characters of that name...

Also, that girl in high school who got corrupted and murderd by her brother...
At first I thought it's easy to figure out who that might be - but they only crossed paths for the first time in college, right!? Or is that retconned now? Or am I simply completely off the mark with my assumption??

(BTW, nice current art style picture!)

Oh, and of course congrats for the full 30/30 set!! :-)