13 - Selene Wildebees

13th Apr 2019, 4:00 PM in Microraptor
13 - Selene Wildebees
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Author Notes:

13th Apr 2019, 4:00 PM
This scene is supposed to take place just after this one, featuring character Selene Wildebees, a character from my comic.
It counts as a redesign of an already existing character because it's the first time that *I* am drawing Wildebees in this outfit. ;-)


Having some leisure distraction is important (especially when you are in the middle of a war), and Selene always enjoyed the beach volleyball games the soldiers in the basecamp often had. This time, she and her teammate had a quite enjoyable match against two Americans. Well, it were three Americans actually. The third one, though being a quite muscular guy, didn't play that much today and tried out his luck as photographer instead.
"He wouldn't be of much use in the game anyway - he plays like a little girl, right Bish?", said one of his compatriots.
"Shut up and smile for the camera, Cheesehead!", answered Bish, not even attempting to hide his bemused smirk upon this obvious friendly teasing.
"That was a good match Wildebees, well played", said the dreadlock wearing Sarge, "but now it's late, and we have to go back to our camp.
"Aaww", said Bish and the blonde Cheesehead in unison, playfully feigning disappointment.
"No excuses, guys! You know me, this beauty needs her sleep!"

Selene watched them walking into the sunset while they were still laughing at each other's jokes. To be honest, she felt a bit jealous at how close they were.

The very next morning, their unit got ordered to somewhere else.
Selene didn't see any of them again for a long time.


The Cheesehead and the Sarge are characters by lirvilas, Bish is by ProfEtheric!


13th Apr 2019, 7:32 PM
Best to take your ball and go home, Selene. You don't want to have anything to do with those three.
13th Apr 2019, 9:59 PM
I knew it! Tona is the kind of playmate that parents are always warning their kids about... ;-)
14th Apr 2019, 5:19 AM
Ooooohhhhh... Ironic foreshadowing. That's cold, Micro. Really cold.

Good work! (I mean that both on the 30 Days entries and on the writing here. I like that slightly "mean" edge.)
14th Apr 2019, 9:08 AM
Thank you very much!

I think "foreboding" might be another word to describe what I was trying to go for here.

The foreshadowing for Bish and Stonewall was relatively easy, but I wish I could have come up with something better for Tona rather than just the nickname linking to a scene from her prison days. I mean, there is so much to choose from, considering that so much bad stuff is later happening to and also because of her...

As for Wildebees - I guess the fact that she is holding an object that could be defined as a toy could count as foreshadowing...?
Maybe I'll do some further foreshadow-y stuff with her later this month...
14th Apr 2019, 1:17 PM
Wait, I get it now! This is some veiled commentary on cliques...

14th Apr 2019, 3:04 PM
Selene's view as an outsider on a close group of friends - that's at least one of the aspects I tried to convey here.

I guess the scenario got indeed a bit "schoolyard-ish" as a result...
In fact, I was a bit concerned that I was overdoing it how those three are kidding around, in my attempt to portray their camaraderie.

(Though at least nobody is playing the "popular mean girl" and bullies poor Selene...)